Why Raw

Raw food is complete, in its natural state and unadulterated by excess heat which occurs by cooking. Raw foods have their minerals, vitamins, enzymes, micro-nutrients and phytonutrients intact. The protein, carbohydrate, essential fats and fibre content is whole and easily assimilated by the body.

The cellular structure and live-force of raw food is as it is naturally meant to be. Cooking food destroys these essential building blocks which we need to thrive. Heat above approximately 106 degrees F disrupts, deranges and coagulates these building blocks. Making them unavailable, unusable and even damaging to our body.

With this in mind it makes simple sense to eat as much of your diet as possible as fresh, ripe raw food. Raw food will enable you to cleanse, will aid alkalizing your system and support you to heal on a cellular level. Increasing the raw food in your diet will not only increase the available essential building blocks it will increase your hydration. The hydration will support the cleansing process and enable easier uptake of vital nutrition.

Eating raw is being kind to you and your body.

Raw Foods & The Body:

  • Greater vitality, energy and radiance
  • Inner and outer transformation
  • Heal emotional eating patterns & disordered eating
  • Feel great in your own body, at ease & at peace
  • Raising the alkalinity of the body
  • Better digestion … freeing up energy for healing
  • Freeing the elimination system
  • Loose excess weight … which really you do not need to carry
  • Long term weight management … without having to diet or worry
  • Increased mental clarity
  • More ease of movement in the body
  • More physical endurance
  • Women: Reduce painful periods and balance the hormonal system naturally
  • Reduced risk of disease
  • Reducing toxins in the body
  • Fewer trans fats and saturated fats
  • Quality restful sleep
  • You will begin an inner and outer transformation

The positive effects are far reaching. In time and this can even be quickly you will see and feel the benefits of eating more, high or all raw foods.

Body & Self Transformation:

  • A personal transformation will occur as you nurture and nourish yourself and body.
  • You will reconnect with you on a deep level.
  • You will `make friends` with your body and appreciate how you feel.
  • You will love how your body begins to feel.
  • You will connect with your feminine self at a new level.
  • You will transforming on the inner and outer level. You will feel sexy, vibrant & alive.
  • You will gain confidence in you … once again and at a whole new level.
  • At total ease with yourself … loving your body and your life for all it gives you.

The positive benefits speak for them self.
The question is how you want to feel, are you ready to transform your life and body ?
To step into your power and take control of your future, your health and self.
And to create the body you want to reside within.

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