Mono Eating

Mono eating is a natural way to eat, our bodies love to mono eat, easy on digestion , easy on your inner body and has the potential to change your outer body. Mono eating in simple terms is eating one food at a time until you are satisfied. Mono eating can support you on your healing journey, transforming your relationship with your food and re-train your taste buds. Eliminating cravings for unhealthy foods or treats, raw ones or otherwise.

Personally mono eating is an everyday occurrence in my life. I love the freedom of just choosing one fruit or vegetable and making a meal of it. Joy, how simple, how much will my inner body love this, much I can tell you, if only you would experiment and give it a try.

Once you start to experiment with this natural way of eating you will begin to notice the desire for complicated and highly flavoured dishes diminish. Mono eating will re-tune your awareness of what you are consuming. You will feel lighter within your body and also within your mind. Your taste buds will be clearer and more sensitive to the flavour of food. You will begin to really taste individual foods and you will be attracted to less to complex dishes and the more `gourmet` meals, raw or otherwise. If you are a raw food enthusiast who adds anything and everything raw into a concoction you will feel less of a compulsion to do so.

Complex, highly flavored dishes can stimulate the taste buds … creating a `wanting` of more.

So where to begin

Any raw fruit or vegetable can be experimented with, just make a list of some of your favorite foods to eat.

The list could include:

Ripe red, orange and yellow tomatoes, cucumber, baby cucumber, pear, papaya, mango, fresh spinach from the garden, gem lettuce, lettuce, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, red peppers, celery heart, watermelon, melon, cherry tomatoes, fresh baby corn, baby yellow, fresh green courgette, carrot, banana, nectarine, tangerine, chicory, figs, peas, fresh young beans french and climbing, baby squash, fresh fennel bulb…this list is endless and dependent upon your location and possibly the season. It will also vary depending upon taste, preferences and what suits your body. With practice your personal mono meal list will get longer and more diverse.

The list is endless, obviously depending upon where you are in the world and what fruits and vegetables you have available.

Try choosing a selection of favourites for the week a rotate as you desire. Choose what is looking the best or what is in season. You may have a bumper harvest of something in your own garden … now that really is the best gift to have.

And importantly have fun, mono eat in joy and you will be rewarded.

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