Juicing creates nutrient dense liquid which will increase your intake of vitamins, mineral, micro-nutrients, phytonutrients and enzymes. All the powerful building blocks of our cells. Juicing condenses the nutrients as it removes the fibre to make an easily absorb-able drink. This drink is to be viewed as `food` due to its nutrient density.

Juicing supports the body to being hydrated, which enables transportation of nutrients to the cells and also supporting cleansing of the system. Juicing is a powerful addition to a raw food diet or any diet. It can supplement the diet on a daily basis and can also be used to `juice fast`. Where one undergoes a cleansing and detoxifying program. In this case juice replaces all solid food for a set length of time which is tailored to the individual health status and their unique situation.

Personally I recommend vegetable and non-sweet fruits as ideal for juicing. It can also enable you to introduce a wider variety of nutrient rich vegetables and non-sweet fruits which you would not normally consume.

Juicing is an excellent way to start the day. Post exercise or exertion to re-mineralise and hydrate. Or to consume during the day between meals or before a meal.

Green Juicing : Why green juice

Green juicing provides the materials which will support your body to alkalise. Greens are mineral rich, higher in alkalinity and are blood building. Green juices are easily digested supplying the body with nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, natural sodium and so on.

I prefer to take green juices regularly as oppose to adding them into a fruit smoothie. I also enjoy a variety of other vegetables & non sweet fruit in my juices daily. Once you are in a routine and feel the life enhancing effects of juicing it will become a positive and essential habit within your routine.

You may even be surprised at how good green and vegetable juices can taste and if you are used to fruit juices you will eventually re-train your taste buds to enjoy less sweet, yet still rich in flavour juices. Why not leave any sweet fruit you consume as a mono meal to fully enjoy it`s natural texture and full flavour whole and complete. This is how I prefer to eat sweet fruit.

Our Daily Lives

Each and everyday our bodies carry through movement, tasks, processes just to be here now. Everyday our bodies are cleansing. Cleansing is not a `happening` just when we decide to `do a cleanse`, it is an ongoing process within every moment. This process creates acids and debris which our bodies will eliminate or store until it can eliminate them. Hydration and alkalizing raw foods will support our bodies within this process. Juicing and especially green juicing will help to supply nutrients to enable our bodies to find a healthful balance of alkalinity.

New to juicing vegetables & non sweet fruit

Here a list to get you started:
Vegetables / Non Sweet Vegetable-Fruit Leaf Extras
Cucumber Red lettuce …. All types Ginger
Celery Green lettuce …. All types Lemon
Carrot Romaine lettuce Lime
Red pepper Spinach Grapefruit
Ripe Tomatoes Kale
Beetroot Purslane
Courgette Winter cress … hot
Marrow Swiss chard
Squash Spring greens & collard greens
Pumpkin Broccoli stem
Fennel Cauliflower stem
Celerac Bok Choy
Parsnip Cabbage leaf, green & red
Radish…strong use sparingly Parsley
This list is not complete within its self, I am always experimenting with juices, if I have excess vegetables in my vegetable garden in the juicer they will go.
Indulge in yourself and enjoy the abundance of quality nourishment.

What to do if you are only used to sweet fruit juices

If you are new to vegetable juices or accustomed to always adding fruit to your juice,  just try 1 green apple then eventually reduce this until you are happy without it.

Experiment and enjoy the journey. 

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