Creating A Sacred Raw Space

When you take new steps on a raw food pathway it is vital to create a Sacred Space for yourself. This will support you to be organised, stay focused, feel nurtured and keep committed to yourself and healthful journey. Whatever is happening in your life. It does not matter at what point you are at on this raw food journey … at the very beginning or increasing your levels of raw food in your diet.

A sacred space can be in any area of your life and in time on the journey of raw foods it will be all the areas of your life. Both physically, emotionally and spiritually. Everything in our lives affect our daily choices, everything has the power to support us or not. Our external and internal environment are key players in the pathway we choose and our success.

Creating A Sacred Space gives you the opportunity to begin a raw food journey and also to clean-up Your Personal Space. This process generally evolves as we evolve along our raw food journey and you will discover these two element highlighted here will sit side by side. Moving and changing as you grow along your raw food journey. So if you are new to raw foods and initially feel it is just about raw foods think again. Our lives are just not compartmentalized in this way………. everything is interconnected with all else.

What areas of our lives does sacred space encompass :
Our Exterior Space
  • Our home environment, the external space and the interior of our home.
  • Our living areas, sleeping areas, bathing room.
  • Our kitchen: our kitchen is very important to support our raw food journey.
  • Our office space if we work from home.
  • Private or communal garden space.
  • Work space and environment away from home.
  • The people, mentors, friends we spend our time with.
  • Vehicle: do you have a car? is it full of junk or is it clean? Is it a joy to travel in ?
  • Where we spend our leisure time. This maybe where you exercise, spend time doing what brings you joy or a where you are creative in our own way. This also includes what you may be doing in our sacred spare time, although you will see that everything listed affects other areas of your life or is connected to another area of your life
Our Personal Space, physical, emotional & spiritual
  • Do you have a personal retreat space or somewhere where you connect with nature.
  • Self-care. How do you care and nurture yourself.
  • Your rest and sleep time.
  • Meditation and relaxation time.
  • Emotional poise, are your emotions clutter with debris, old patterns that we need to let go.
  • Do you give time to our emotional self, to reconnect and to pause on how we are feeling at this moment and the next.
  • Love, do you give ourselves the love we need. Do we nurture our inner child and our adult self.
  • Relationships and outer communication with the world around us.
  • Relationship with money and finance.
  • Creativity.. do you give ourselves time to be creative, whatever that means to you.
  • Play.. This interconnected with creativity, we all need you get to play in your life.
  • Dreams… Do you have dreams, do you give space for your dreams to flourish.
The Wheel of Life

Our sacred space essentially covers all areas of our lives which create the Wheel of Life. You may find that as you begin a new journey that there are areas of your life where you place more focus and attention. There will also be those areas which you tend to ignore, are fearful of or neglect.

The journey to wholeness with the support of raw and living foods will shine light on your unique wheel of life illuminating the areas which need attention to bring more balance into your life. This new found awareness gives you the opportunity for inner and outer transformation.

If you are ready to be supported on your journey: Coaching Programmes