Cleansing is a natural process which occurs every day within our bodies. It is continual and constant whether we initiate our own cleanse by fasting, mono eating or similar or not. Daily living and moving creates acids, toxins and debris in the body which means a constant cleansing process is happening all the time to enable us to be here.

Additional toxins we may be affected by are chemicals, exhaust fumes, pesticides in food, our diet, processed food, dehydration, alcohol, stress, the way we think, work situations, health challenges. These are just a few?

When we initiate cleansing in some way we are supporting this naturally occurring cycle within the body. Cleansing in these terms involves resting the digestive system to a greater degree and allowing your body to rest more deeply so that your body can direct it`s energy into house-cleaning.

Cleansing can help you to re-balance the acid-alkaline levels, creating a more alkaline inner environment. Detoxify toxins which have built up within the body, the cells, organs, lymphatic system and blood system. Cleansing and detoxifying will involve all the organs of the body as everything is interconnected and works together. As we know all the organs rely upon each other for the `whole to function efficiently.

Depending upon the degree of the cleanse we initiate will affect the effects we experience during and after the cleanse. We must also remember whilst we may be focused upon sorting a health challenge our body will have its own agenda and priority which we may not be aware of. With this in mind we must always respect the body and its cleansing process, realising the importance of what we choose to do during our cleanse.

Cleansing is a process of loving oneself more, It is a gift to yourself. It can be a valuable time when you gift yourself `space in your life to rest, regenerate and reconnect with the self.

Raw food and the natural cleansing process

Simple, light, uncomplicated raw food will support the naturally occurring cleansing process. Raw and living foods free digestive energy allowing the body to divert this energy to regular house-cleaning. Raw foods are rich with nutrition and nourishment for the body. Eating a simple raw food diet will also give greater hydration which is essential for the daily cleansing process. Give yourself a gift and eat a high raw diet … you will certainly have a cleaner inner terrain.

Cleansing Effects

The type of cleanse, its duration, our current health challenges and life style will affect the effects and changes we see and feel. A number of potential effects are listed here:

  • Alkalise the body, restoring the acid-alkaline balance
  • Re-energise and rejuvenate
  • Restore energy and vitality
  • Loss excess weight, reduce cellulite
  • Clear the complexion
  • Hydrate the body, reducing wrinkles, rejuvenate the skin
  • Remove toxins & debris from the digestive system
  • Reduce fatigue, allergy symptoms, aches & pains
  • Remove heavy metals, kill moulds and parasites
  • Re-balance and increase nutrient levels
  • Support the organs in cleansing on a deeper level
  • Valuable time to step out of life

There are also various cleansing & detoxification programs one can follow. One can jump into the deep end and undertake a full juice only fast or one can make changes to one`s diet in a gentle way moving towards sustainable and perminant change. There are many degrees of how one could cleanse between the two stated here. A cleansing programe needs to be tailored to the individuals health challenges, personality, lifestyle and of course what one wishes to achieve. Whatever we choose needs to be planned and timed to fit into our lives without creating additional stress. We also need to have the time to allow our bodies to benefit from the cleansing programe, to rest and regenerate.

People often focus upon what they consume or don’t during a cleanse. Such as the water, vegetable juices, simple food. Yet rest and sleep are just as important. Even if we just juice green vegetables through a cleanse, if we don’t rest more deeply our bodies will not be able to take the opportunity to house-clean.

So think carefully on what you want to achieve and how …….. Then fully embrace the journey.

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