Laara`s Kitchen Garden Journey  

My adventures with gardening began whilst working and located in London in my early 20`s. As a country girl at heart living in the city I felt a feeling of emptiness on a deep level. Unaware of exactly what this was I found myself drawn to gardening to create more beauty around me. I found nature and working with the earth to be unlifting, energising and a breathe of fresh air in city life.

Beauty has always been a priority value in my life.

This initial foray with gardening evolved from growing as many flowers, herbs and vegetables I could pack into containers to my first tiny London garden. Filled full with lush growth and all the plants that spoke to me. From here my first city allotment arrived. Having this gardening and green space available felt as if I had moved back to the country. This became a form of meditation for me, spending hours tiling the soil and tending to my seedlings, vegetables and fruit. By this time I was eating a high raw diet which created a stronger bond between myself, my food and the growing of my own seasonal organic produce.

At this point I was a passionate amateur gardener with a realization of the emptiness I had felt was actually a disconnection with nature and all the gifts that it offers. A turning point in my life as a decided to change my career direction with a new personal vision to create Beautiful gardens and spaces  for others to enjoy.

So to this day evolving through the years from beginner, passionate amateur to a professional Garden Designer, whilst tending to my personal `Kitchen Garden`. Here I continue to learn and grow as an individual, provide organic seasonal produce and connect with the natural elements around me. And of course the harvesting of the bounty of my sowings. It is a wonderful feeling to grow foods with love and to supplement ones own diet with these `loved` foods.

Connecting with Nature

I truly know and have experienced the power of connecting and reconnecting with nature and its beauty. It is a powerful healer in many form. Connecting fully with nature is a grounding force, brings us back to the Here and Now of this moment, this day, ourselves. It is also a teacher of the infinite cycle of life and the potential we all have to be vibrant and radiant just like a beautiful flower.

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