About Laara
And My Role as a Raw Food Coach 

Laara is an experience raw food advocate, with many years of her own raw food journey behind her. With a personal experience of disordered eating and an understanding of how women are predominantly affected by an unhealthy relationship with both food and their bodies. Laara has the experience and knowledge to coach you to transform your limiting beliefs. With a holistic approach you will learn how to nourish and nurture yourself so that you can blossom.

My Personal Raw Food Journey

My journey with raw foods began around 1990 in my early 20′s, naturally and unconsciously incorporating raw and living foods into my diet. At this point I was a vegetarian and a keen amateur gardener.

My gardening passion grew and I took on an allotment in the city I lived in at the time. At the same time I was experiencing a deeper connection to nature, myself and the foods I ate.

During my early exploration I became increasingly interested in creative expression, complimentary therapies, healing and energy work. I have always had a thirst to learn and grow as an individual. Having experimented and explored mixed media painting and sculpture work. Over the years I have studied and attended specific courses within the complimentary field, including Energy work, Space Clearing, Reiki 1 and 2, Bio-Energetic Health and Raw Food Coach Training with Karen Knowler.

My passion for gardening continued to grow as I discovered the depth of one`s connection to the natural world and the effect it can have on the quality of our lives. At this point I made a career change leaving the world of Television, Film and Theatre to study at Horticultural College and then become a professional Garden Designer.

`On reflection the beginning of this journey was an unconscious exploration of me, the world around me and my relationship with both.`

As a woman in the world and society I was searching for a more compassionate relationship with my own body and food. As many of you will have experienced there can be a fine line we may tread. Fresh, whole, raw and living foods created a new space for me to heal this relationship.

My first book of discovery was an early Leslie Kenton, Raw Energy. Here I found I was naturally incorporating raw and living foods. This inspired me to investigate further and since this time my personal journey with beautiful, life enriching foods has evolved and developed, supporting me to reach a greater level of trust and honor within myself.

`Embracing natural foods from mother earth provides a deeper connection to ourselves and nature. An element which I believe has been lost in our busy lives.`

During the last 10 years I have completed an annual `Vegetable Juice` only fast. The fasts have been based on the works of Bernard Jenson and Norman Walker who are early pioneers in the field of cleansing and holistic healing.

My Raw Food Relationship

And of course over time from my early 20′s which brings me to my mid 40′s I have moved through my own personal challenges on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. I have come to know that the deeper we nourish and support ourselves on all levels the greater the potentiality is for change and healing is … the change we want to see, feel and experience.

The RawFoodGarden.com Concept was born through my own evolution and growth.

I have professionally worked as a Garden Designer since 1999, creating beautiful gardens to enhance clients living experience and their surrounding environment. Whilst continuing my own personal inner exploration of the journey with raw foods and healing. I have created a fulfilling life by both. My philosophy of a `real` garden is of a healing space which is a joy to experience with all one’s senses. Yet this garden with the right attention and care becomes a radiant and vibrant place full of blossoms.

And so the `Raw Food Garden’ concept was born as a symbolism to our own inner environment. As I know that we are just like gardens, flowers and nature. When we tend to our personal needs and nourish our inner and outer terrain with everything we require we too will be radiant and blossom just like a flower.

My Diet

My personal diet is very simple and as most things in life it has changed and evolved over the years.  From my earlier days as a vegetarian to my present mid 40′s. My diet change’s with the seasons and the weather conditions and I eat mainly light and simple foods. It is high in vegetables, with a fruit level that fluctuates depending upon what I am drawn to and what I feel my body needs. Vegetable and green juices are part of my daily routine. I generally eat fruit whole, occasionally I may use a simple combination as a smoothie. My salads are often made with just five or so vegetables and I may add a dressing which would be made with avocado, vegetables and fruits, not refined oils. I often enjoy a mono meal or a meal of 2-3 vegetables or fruits. I enjoy sprouted seeds and micro greens depending upon what I have growing in my vegetable garden. Simplicity is an important factor for me personally.

 My preference is for low fat foods and I find I have greater energy with foods which are easily digested. I choose to eat to live instead of living to eat. I like quick and easy food and meal preparations … leaving plenty of time to get on with living.

`Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease`  Hippocrates

One`s journey to greater freedom is exciting and fulfilling, it can also be challenging. Yet for many of us the dreams of living life at a deeper level it just too compelling to ignore. We see glimpses of how we could feel, look or what may be possible for us yet we also feel unsure where to start … this is where inspiration, support and coaching are invaluable.

Our dreams are all possible, we just need to take the first steps towards them.
I know this because I did this in many areas of my life and I know you can too.
I know you can achieve your dreams whatever they may be, as I have and continue to do so.
You can become who you really feel you are a `Radiant star` that may be beneath a few layers.
You can sculpt and reshape your body and heal your relationship with yourself and food.
You can regenerate your inner core, become centred and connect to your inner power … believe this for yourself as I do.
Everything becomes possible with those first steps ….. Are You Ready ?

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