Green Power

So why are greens so important?

Vegetables are especially high in minerals with the greens at the top of the list. Minerals are essential to a healthful body and bodily processes. They are also highly alkalising.

On an on-going basis the body is producing acids during it`s normal processes. Our organs and bodily processes are always cleansing each and everyday. This cleansing is not a process that only occurs during a `man made cleanse` or when we decide to participate in a `detoxification programme` devised by the human hand and mind. This is an on-going event that must occur for us as humans to function. Alkalising minerals are utilised during this normal cleansing process, these minerals act as buffers to the body to balance the Ph level to as healthy state as possible where required. Alkaline minerals are blood builders. Which translates into bone, muscle, tissue, organs, lymphatic system, cellular builders……everything builders.  A healthy body is naturally alkaline so we simply cannot be healthy without these alkalising minerals.

Green vegetables and leafy greens are the Stars of alkalising.
On a daily basis we need to consume greens and their minerals.

An alkaline body is less susceptible to disease and illness. The more acid the body is the more vulnerable to disease one will be. One may not even realise how acidic the system is, yet you may have tell-tale signs such as fatigue, lacking lustre and vitality. Feeling under the weather and low enthusiasm for life in general.

Basic foods which are eaten today and viewed as normal within the diet are highly acid forming in the body. Meat, fish, dairy, wheat, alcohol, soda, chocolate, yeast based products …. not to mention all the fast foods on the market. Many of these fast foods are also addictive with the use of stimulating ingredients which can taint the taste buds and leave you wanting more.

By consuming a diet high in green vegetables and leafy greens you will be supplying your body with vegetable protein, vitamins, minerals and the essential alkaline elements which we all need to enable our bodies to maintain a healthful Ph balance. By consuming greens you will support the body to cleanse, detoxify and to flush acidic wastes from your system. When you first make changes to incorporate more greens you may feel more energised, radiant, balanced, peaceful, less stressed and begin to have greater clarity. If the green element in your diet has been neglected and you currently consume highly acid foods and beverages you may have a cleansing reaction to begin with. As you begin to nourish yourself with these potent blood builders your body will make use of their alkalising content to begin a spring clean.

Green Vegetables & Leaf to add to the diet

Watercress Swiss Chard Spinach
Parsley, flat & curly leaf Wintercress Purslane, winter & summer
Coriander Lettuce all types Mustard Greens
Sprouted beans & seeds : Alfalfa, radish, broccoli etc Peas shoots Dandelion & Nettles
Chickweed Kale Collards
Radicchio Endive Chicory & Endive
Broccoli Calabrese Celery
Cucumber Courgette Cauliflower
Sea vegetables Beet greens Kohl rabi
Cabbage Green Beans Green Peas
Summer Squash Marrow Chives, Leeks, Onions & Garlic
Wheat Grass Barley & Wheat Grass Wild Greens
Turnip Tops Brussels Sprouts Radish tops

This list is not exclusive & some vegetables & leaf will be a matter of taste
There are also many other vegetables which are alkaline yet not green.

Acid- Alkaline Balance

Our bodies are finely balanced, our organs are continuously refining our inner terrain to the best it can be at any given time. Many  factors contribute to this process and many factors can be detrimental too. Our diet being a key contributor as explained. And we have the choice to support our system towards being cleaner, more alkaline and nourished or not. 

Beyond the diet a number of other elements affect this acid- alkaline balance including: smoking, alcohol consumption, inadequate clean water and dehydration, insufficient fresh air, movement and exercise, lack of restful sleep and recreation, chemicals, negative thoughts, daily stress, repressed emotions, electromagnetic stress ………. to name a few.
The Ph scale ranges from 1 to 14 , 14 being the most alkaline. A healthy Ph range for the human body is approximately between 7.4 to 7.6. One can purchase Ph strips to evaluate  your acid-alkaline balance and to monitor changes when you begin to adjust your diet and potentially your life to a more healthful path. 

Remember we have control and power in our lives to make changes even if little by little. We can evaluate our personal situation and life challenges and begin to create change in small steps or larger steps.
So begin today by increasing green vegetables and leafy greens in your everyday diet. As you begin to do this your taste buds will adjust and what may have tasted unappealing or bitter will become a nessecary factor which you just have too consume each day.

Eventually you will naturally increase your greens …. you may not even be aware that you are !

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