Create your Dream Grow Your Own Garden

You would love to grow your own produce
You have dreams of harvesting fresh produce for your kitchen.
You have a garden or access to a garden yet do not know where to start.
You have many questions as to whether your ideas are suitable or will work.
You need to evaluate the space and your initial ideas.
You need to create a design of a kitchen garden / vegetable garden plan to fit the space.
You need to take into account location, soil, climate, water facilities and your free time.

The Grow Your Own VIP Session

Designed as a One-to-One consultancy to get you started with a formula and plan in place. With a clear plan of how to start the creation of your kitchen garden, vegetable garden or potager. During our time we will evaluate your garden, its location, climatic conditions, soil and any other elements of importance.

During the session we will:

  • Identify challenges in your garden or garden space
  • Identify what you ideally would like to grow and why
  • Identify ideal crops to grow & where they would be grown within your garden
  • Choosing vegetable and fruit with nutrition in mind
  • Locate permanent herbs or perennial crops
  • Locate potential locations for fruit bushes, fruit trees and in what format they could be grown
  • Decide how beds and borders, containers would be formed
  • Decide what the next steps for you are

Prior To VIP Your Session:

We will have some time to prepare for the session. You will take a photographic log of your existing garden space to be placed in a drop-box folder for both of us to view. Here we can share images of inspiration. This also enables me to evaluate the site. To make the most of the session you would make a measured sketch plan of the your garden. The more accurate the preparation the more useful your session will be.

Together we can create a step by step plan of action for you and your garden. Addressing challenges which are specific to you. With a vegetable & fruit growing list to suit your soil and your desires of providing yourself and any family with organic crops.

This can also be an ideal way to engage children with where our food comes from for a family environment and a schooling environment.

Grow Your Own VIP Session:

Detailed here is a standard session format:
A total of 4 hrs session which can be split into smaller sessions.


  • 30 minutes preparation work. I will evaluate this prior to our first call. Depending upon the size of your project additional time may be allocated hereWhere you collate images, dimensions of your garden or growing space and images of what inspires you and any elements you would like to plan into the vegetable garden.  Adding this into a drop-box folder which we will share. I will send an invite to the drop-box folder.Depending upon the size of your project additional time may be allocated here
    *30-60 minutes telephone calls as agreed to discuss your project and collate a plan.
    *A sketch plan proposal for your vegetable garden can be provided.
    Time will need to be allocated for this out of the 4 hrs or additional time allocated and agreed.
    Conversation and discussion time will be used for consultancy via Telephone or Skype.
    Consultancy time can be spilt into smaller sessions as appropriate and agreed prior to commencement.
    Additional time can be added if required

 Cost: £240.00 + Vat For EU Residents                                   Cost: £240.00 For Non EU Residents

Creative Consultancy & Grow Your Own VIP Sessions are also available on site depending upon your location.
Contact me to discuss if this is ideal for you. Contact Here To Discuss More

You can also visit my associate website to view further creating gardens and vegetable gardens