80 Minute Discovery Session

One-to-One In-Depth Discovery Session
Ideal to start you on your raw food journey

An initial in-depth discovery session by telephone to assess your personal requirements, desires and goals in life.
To answer your questions, concerns and to identify what your key goals are at this moment in time.
Evaluate where you are today, your challenges and your dreams.
Identify your desires and goals with your raw food journey.

Together in this session we will evaluate Your Health & Life Questionnaire and how this has an effect on your life today.

*We will identify the 3 main and pressing challenges which are present within your life today. The ones which you feel stand in your way of moving forward in the direction of your dreams.
*We will  explore and uncover your inner desires which you wish to bring into your life.
*We will gain clarity upon your inner critic and identify how the inner critic sabotage’s your desires.
*We will create 3 affirmations tailored to you to support you to connect to the true you and support you in creating change.

*We will identify the first steps to take and what they will be on your raw food journey towards greater health and vitality.

To book Your Discovery Session, register your details on my on-line booking system.
Prior to reserving your place, a PayPal payment will be required. You can then reserve a convenient time for your 80 minute session.

Once you have booked you will receive a number of links to documents to be ready for this session.

You will receive a reminder email the day before the session is due to start that includes the telephone number to call.

Cost: £80.00 + VAT (£96.00)  for EU Residents

Cost: £80.00 For Non EU Residents