Get Fresh Coaching Packages

During a Discovery Session you will have explored and uncovered the:

Top 3 challenges which you feel stand in your pathway of moving to the next stage of your journey.
We can often view these challenges as negative elements within our lives, however as we reflect upon our pathway so far we will see that they were gifts of transformation.

 Your Transformation

Below are a number of options for Get Fresh Coaching Packages to address and move beyond your discovered challenges. Working with what is seen and felt as a negative as a tool for transformation. A tool of learning and finding greater understanding of your life and how you react, act and play out the patterns which come into your life.
Working with and through your current challenges can highlight patterns which drift into life life again and again maybe showing up in a slightly different guise. This may be something you recognise.
It is a powerful time to discover repetition of such patterns, a time to reclaim your power by highlighting, becoming intimate with and embrace these challenging tools of transformation.

The challenges which we uncover may directly hold you back on your raw food journey. Or they may impact another area of your life which indirectly or subtley affects your relationship with your food choices and hence your body. Whatever they may be and however they may manifest they are to be embraced as a time for transformation.

Get Fresh Packages:

These packages have been created to address one, two or all three main challenges discovered. Depending upon the impact they have upon your life and the depth at which you are affected will affect how you would like to work with and through them. Your personality will also have a play in the approach, some of us like to jump in feet first and address everything all at once. However this may not be suitable for you as an individual. You may choose to give time to one challenge, discover and create new foundations for yourself then move onto the next. 

Package One:
Discovering one challenge and working with and through this within your life to transformation.
4 x 30 Minute Coaching sessions


Cost: £150.00 + Vat For EU Residents                                      Cost: £150.00 For Non EU Residents
Saving of £10.00

Package Two:
Discovering two challenge and working with and through this within your life to transformation.
4 x 45 Minute Coaching sessions

Cost: £185.00 + Vat For EU Residents                                    Cost: £185.00 For Non EU Residents
Saving of £15.00

Package Three:
Discovering three challenge and working with and through this within your life to transformation.
4 x 60 Minute Coaching sessions 

Cost: £220.00 + Vat EU Residents                                  Cost: £220.00 For Non EU Residents
Saving of £20.00

Prior to each coaching Pre & Post Coaching forms will be filled in.
These will be sent to me for reference prior and post al our calls.
A Keeping On Track form will be used during the week to takes notes for the following coaching session.
It is advised that a Discovery Session is attended prior to a coaching package to highlight and place the spot light on those very prominant challenges waiting to be transformed.

So Are You Ready to take the next step on Your Journey ?
A pathway to greater freedom. 

If you would like to read more visit the The Raw Food Garden Philosophy