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Energy Booster Juice

by Laara

One of my favourite vegetables has to be beetroot; I love this earthy root vegetable, the rich colour and its smooth flavour. I can eat it and juice it every day and never tire of it. A fabulous addition to juices although I do not mix it into green juices. I find the road to [...]

Light Green Refresher

by Laara
IMG_5993 - Copy

Everyone hears about green juicing including using dark greens such as kales, spinach, swiss chard and other brassica leaf. For some people dark green leaf of certain types of green leaf and brassicas such as kale are not healthful for them as an individual. This may be concerning the link of brassicas as goitres and [...]

Morning Sunshine Juice

by Laara
Cabbage - Copy

An energy giving vegetable juice with a slightly peppery taste with the addition of the cabbage. I realise some may be thinking cabbage, yet the heart leaf of pale green cabbage, savoy and Chinese cabbage is mild in juice and very palatable adding a slight peppery and hot flavour. I would advise one experiment with [...]

Pale Green Zesty Juice

by Laara
Baby lettuce

This is a light and zesty juice with the addition of the tomatoes. The cauliflower adds a kick. It is refreshing and good any time of year. Ingredients ¼ Cauliflower 1 gem lettuce 5 ripe tomatoes ½ – 1 cucumber Handful of parsley Slice if ginger as desired How to feed the ginger into the [...]

Perfect Juice to Refuel: Carrot Combinations

by Laara
Carrot - Copy

Carrot Combinations I am a regular green juicer of vegetables yet there comes a time when you need to refuel with calories. I find carrots a great addition to vegetable juice to aid this refueling and will often use this after spending an morning or afternoon working in the garden to hydrate and refuel. Or [...]