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Energy Booster Juice

by Laara

One of my favourite vegetables has to be beetroot; I love this earthy root vegetable, the rich colour and its smooth flavour. I can eat it and juice it every day and never tire of it. A fabulous addition to juices although I do not mix it into green juices. I find the road to [...]

The Kitchen Garden & What to Grow:

by Laara

With some of the basic design elements discussed earlier there are now considerations to be made on what to grow in line with your taste buds. We all have such differing preferences in the kitchen; we also have likes and dislikes. Whilst planning our kitchen garden whether we are a seasoned gardener or a total [...]

The Kitchen Garden: Moving into Autumn

by Laara

Warmer Seasons Winding Down As we move into the cooler seasons in parts of the world it is a harvesting time for late season crops and for protecting winter, early spring crops. With plenty of other tasks to carry through to prepare for the coming growing year. Cucurbits: Part One One of my favorite crops [...]

The Kitchen Garden: The Therapeutic Kitchen Garden

by Laara

The Garden As A Therapeutic Space  This is a month to celebrate the fruits of your labors and discuss The Therapeutic Kitchen Garden. By now you may have spent many a month in the first stages of creating a vegetable garden. You may still feel you have much to do, you may have only just begun [...]

The Kitchen Garden: Peas Please

by Laara
Fresh Garden Peas

Growing Peas: The Legume Family Peas are grown for the pod, peas and pea tips. Peas are very easy to grow with a few considerations. The can be high yielding and a joy to have in the kitchen garden. They are a great use of space as they grow vertically. Suitable for many locations from [...]