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Journaling & A New Year

by Laara

Another great tool to support your journey is to journal. Ensuring the journal is a book which is attractive to you, that it encourages you to pick it up and use it. Possibly with an inspiring or attractive front cover. My journal for 2014 has a beautiful picture of a dancer `The Rose Dancer`. It [...]

The Kitchen Garden: Moving into Autumn

by Laara

Warmer Seasons Winding Down As we move into the cooler seasons in parts of the world it is a harvesting time for late season crops and for protecting winter, early spring crops. With plenty of other tasks to carry through to prepare for the coming growing year. Cucurbits: Part One One of my favorite crops [...]

The Kitchen Garden: The Therapeutic Kitchen Garden

by Laara

The Garden As A Therapeutic Space  This is a month to celebrate the fruits of your labors and discuss The Therapeutic Kitchen Garden. By now you may have spent many a month in the first stages of creating a vegetable garden. You may still feel you have much to do, you may have only just begun [...]

The Kitchen Garden: Peas Please

by Laara
Fresh Garden Peas

Growing Peas: The Legume Family Peas are grown for the pod, peas and pea tips. Peas are very easy to grow with a few considerations. The can be high yielding and a joy to have in the kitchen garden. They are a great use of space as they grow vertically. Suitable for many locations from [...]

The Kitchen Garden: Salad Leaf

by Laara

Growing Salad Leaf It is definitely a time for salads, certainly in the UK. Salad leaf with the right conditions can be extended through much of the year. From growing out-doors in the ground, a polytunnel or green house, to growing micro-greens on a window ledge. There are also cloches and weather protective fleece, tunnels [...]