Perfect Juice to Refuel: Carrot Combinations

by Laara
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Carrot Combinations I am a regular green juicer of vegetables yet there comes a time when you need to refuel with calories. I find carrots a great addition to vegetable juice to aid this refueling and will often use this after spending an morning or afternoon working in the garden to hydrate and refuel. Or [...]

Journaling & A New Year

by Laara

Another great tool to support your journey is to journal. Ensuring the journal is a book which is attractive to you, that it encourages you to pick it up and use it. Possibly with an inspiring or attractive front cover. My journal for 2014 has a beautiful picture of a dancer `The Rose Dancer`. It [...]

Traditional Liver Gall Bladder Flush

by Laara

Over the years When I have juice feasted I have included a liver-gall bladder cleanse based upon the traditional, well documented one found upon any internet search. There are a few variances of how to prepare and how long to prepare for this. However this will depend upon your current diet, how heavy your diet [...]

Resting The Digestive System

by Laara
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Day 8 of a modified juice feast This is a combination of vegetable juicing with mono meals only over 21 days. During this time there are days when juice is only taken. I have modified this 21 days as a combination to suit my life and the fact that I am not taking full rest, [...]

Dream & Vision Books

by Laara

To create those dreams I recommended creating or buying a dream or vision book, this can be any type of book, binder, album which you are attracted to. It is important it is not just any old empty book you have to hand. This is a special book of creation and is to be treated [...]