One of my favourite vegetables has to be beetroot; I love this earthy root vegetable, the rich colour and its smooth flavour. I can eat it and juice it every day and never tire of it. A fabulous addition to juices although I do not mix it into green juices. I find the road to success with vegetable juicing is aim for rich, identifiable colours. When we make a muddy coloured juice the flavour can also be muddy.

So back to beetroot which if you have a garden is an easy and rewarding vegetable to grow.
There are many varieties to choose from including golden, yellow-orange and white varieties as well as the more commonly rich red, purple root. It can be bought in organic and heritage ranges also.
Sow lightly in a row in sun or semi shade which it will tolerate. Give a light sprinkle of soil over the seed and ensure you gently water in dry spells. Depending upon where you are in the world will affect your sowing times.

You will also discover that home grown beetroot can be less sweet, depending upon the seed source and it will have a more earthy flavour.

1 medium to large beetroot
3 carrots
1 cucumber
Handful of parsley
Slice of ginger

If you are new to beetroot juice choose a medium one as it is a powerful blood cleanser.
Slice of lime or lemon if you wish

How To
Cut the beetroot into chunks which will easily feed into your juicer. Feed the ginger, lime, parsley, beetroot and carrots through the juicer, alternating them. Intermittently add the a portion of cucumber and finally feed the remainder of cucumber through adding to make the quantity you desire. I generally make 1 litre.

Stir and pour into a tall glass.

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