A gentle fresh green juice ideal for those who want to increase vegetable juice in their diet yet may be unable to use mature dark green leaf such as kale, spinach & chard due to Oxalic Acid content. Many vegetables contain oxalic acid, with more mature leaf with a higher content. This is also an easy to digest juice with a slight sweet and creamy texture with the combination of the pepper and fennel.

1 Large fennel bulb
4-5 celery sticks , alternatively a cucumber
1-2 sweet yellow pepper, for a very creamy juice add large peppers
Handful of coriander
1 large gem lettuce
Slice or chunk of ginger depending upon preference

How To
After washing all the ingredients feed the leaf, ginger, fennel and pepper through the juicer.
I always ensure the green leaf is wet as the moisture encourages the green to be released into the juice. Depending upon your juicer will depend the size you cut the fennel and pepper, the sizes will then affect how many rotations of each ingredient is fed through your juicer shoot.

Once the above ingredients have been juiced follow with the watery celery or cucumber. I add cucumber as an alternative to celery as there are those who dislike or are sensitive to celery. Either one will make a refreshing, hydrating juice.

This will make a minimum of 1 litre of juice depending upon your juicer.
This can be made with or without the ginger.

Upon completion stir well and pour into a large glass.

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