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The Healing Process

by Laara

I am loving re-listening to Dr. Douglas N. Graham health Series. Especially concerning how we `think` we must push, stimulate, initiate with supplements and products the detoxification process with liver cleanses, flushes, detox packs, colonics and numerous other products . There is no end to what is out there to buy. Where as what we often do [...]

Papaya A Delicious Perfumed Fruit

by Laara

The papaya plant is a large, tree-like plant, with a single stem growing from 5 to 10 m native  to the tropics of the Americas and from southern Mexico and neighbouring Central America. First cultivated in Mexico. The fruit vary in size from 15-45cm approximately in maturity (5.9–18 in) long and 10–30 cm (3.9–12 in) in diameter. The fruit is ripe when it feels soft similar to that of avocado, even softer [...]

Juice Of My Week

by Laara

A lovely refreshing juice to try which has a smooth delicate flavour. If you like fennel and you are new to green juices this is great juice to try which has a light flavour yet will introduce you to adding some greens. Especially good if you love herbs and only like green juices when you [...]

The Winter Kitchen Garden

by Laara

Purslane, Claytonia ‘Winter Purslane’ One of my all time salad leaf I ensure I plant late summer is Winter Purslane. It is perfect for salads, raw vegetable blends and juicing when you have too much to harvest. Which can happen during late spring. It is a leaf which often is forgotten. A green leaf with [...]

The Perfect Juice For A Busy Day

by Laara

I love beetroot. A root vegetable rich in minerals including calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, manganese, sodium, zinc, selinium and copper. Just to mention a few of its virtues. A wonderful root vegetable for the entire year, for raw soups, salads, dressings and juicing. I use this vegetable most for juicing as it creates a rich, earthy and [...]