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Hi, I’m Laara Copley-Smith and you have arrived at the perfect place to nurture yourself inside and out.

What is The Raw Food Garden ?

The Raw Food Garden is a sacred place where you learn to nurture and nourish yourself in the most delicious and fulfilling way with the support of simple raw foods. Here you will discover the potential to transform your relationship with your body and the food you nourish yourself with.

Whether you are looking to eat more raw foods, go raw and stay raw or to nourish your inner and outer-self on a deep and fulfilling level, simple raw foods are a powerful tool of transformation. As we begin to eat more raw and living foods we give our bodies the opportunity to cleanse, release toxins and detoxify our inner terrain. Supporting transformation from the inside-out.

Discover and embrace yourself on a deeper level.

When we introduce raw and living foods consistently into our diet we begin to nourish ourselves on a deep level. As we embrace this cleaner raw food diet we begin a new journey.  

Is This Your Time ?

Is this the time for you to embrace the first steps on this new journey, step to the next level or address your personal challenges which stand in your way, which ever it is coaching and support will smooth and pave a new way. Allowing you to create greater changes, step into the reality of a new you and your dreams with confidence, more fully and with greater speed.

Is this You: Is This You ?

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